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Cupcake Courier Cupcakes are taking the country by storm, and I don't mind.

No longer reserved for children's birthday parties, cupcakes are truly in vogue. They're especially trendy as a wedding cake alternative. But we're not talking about your typical boxed cake mix and overly sugary frosting. We're talking gourmet.

Imagine: chocolate cake filled with hazelnut mocha pastry cream topped with hazelnut buttercream, coffee crumble and a hazelnut. Or how about fluffy brown sugar chocolate chip cake filled with chocolate chip cookie dough, topped with vanilla bean buttercream and a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

You can enjoy either of these flavors, or even a pecan waffle cupcake or peanut butter and jelly cupcake, if you're lucky enough to live near a cupcake bakery like Cupcake Jones in Portland, Oregon.

Or maybe you're skilled enough to come up with creations like these in your own home. Whether you're getting them from your oven or from a bakery, you'll need a way to transport them, though. And let me tell you- I speak from experience here- if you don't won't the frosting to get mushed, transporting by bicycle is not the best option.

But, a cupcake courier is. It's ideal, in fact. And versatile, too. The three stackable trays-each with a dozen deep cups- allows you to securely transport up to 36 cupcakes. You can remove two of the trays to transport a cake. Or use it for muffins. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry.

No more toppled cupcakes. No more frosting smears. With a cupcake courier all that delicious buttercream frosting ends up exactly where it belongs- in my mouth.

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