Cuppa Coffee Makes Gordon Ramsay More Animated

Posted by Sharon on Sep 26

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gordon ramsay cuppa coffeeAs if Gordon Ramsay isn't animated enough, next month he'll be pitching a new TV show during the Mipcom International Sales Convention in the genre of (wait for it...): stop-animation.

The show is called “Gordon Ramsay, At Your Service.” It's a half-hour comedy show aimed to "take the essence of who [Ramsay] is and have a bit of fun with it." Ramsay has already secured an animation studio to create the program: Cuppa Coffee Studios, based out of Toronto. The next step is hiring a team of writers.

Previous work for Cuppa Coffee Studios includes the Nickelodeon show "Glenn Martin, DDS," MTV's "Celebrity Death Match," E!'s "Starveillance," and ABC's "A Miser Brother Christmas."

Given Cuppa Coffee's repertoire, it's impossible to tell what other characters or plots "At Your Service" will offer at this point. Will Gordon go head-to-head against the likes of Rachael Ray and Alton Brown? Will the show reenact his other TV series, "Hell's Kitchen" or "Kitchen Nightmares," in a satirical fashion?

The Mipcom conference is scheduled for October 5-9, 2009, in Cannes. So additional info concerning Ramsay's new show is sure to hit the press after the conference has ended.


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