De Buyer Pro V Mandoline Slicer

Kitchen Stainless Steel Vegetable Blade

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De Buyer Pro V Mandoline Slicer Ah, contraptions . . . . creative inventors have always tried to come up with ways to substitute ingenuity for actual skill. Whether the price is a few dollars or a few hundred the limitations are always the same.

This Mandoline from De Buyer is actually a step above most, strongly built from stainless steel with a push handle that will keep your fingers away from the blades. Thickness of the cut is adjustable with a simple hand crank beneath the bed. The De Buyer version comes with five blades, two of them v-shaped for extra efficiency. The remaining options are julienne blades in different sizes.

The uniformity of product when a mandoline is used is the ultimate reason for having one. Hand slicing will seldom look as good. In restaurant kitchens professional devices based on these same concepts are often used, to ensure that quality and appearance from plate to plate are always the same.

At home, where we have to deal with all issues the machine brings up, it's not a clearcut choice. Cleanup is time consuming, the efficiency is almost always less than desired, and the blades are not something most of us can sharpen at home. For holiday meals when large batches of home cooking are the rule, the mandoline shines. For everyday tasks, a knife and a cutting board are better.

If you decide you have to have one of these, get a good one. The De Buyer Pro V is a fair choice for home use.

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