DeLonghi Coffee Espresso Maker

Kitchen Combination 10 Cup BCO130T

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DeLonghi Coffee Espresso Maker Your coffeemaker is one of the most used appliances in your kitchen so it pays to put some thought into his purchase. DeLonghi is an Italian company known for their sleek design. And this machine is a sexy beast to be sure. It's also a pretty good price for an espresso maker and a 10-cup coffee maker, and only goes to show that shopping for a dual espresso/coffee maker doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

But I'm afraid that form took precedence over function in this model.

I am a latte lover and this machine is not perfect for making lattes. The problem lies with the milk steamer. This frother is a bit easier to use than others I've seen. You just turn a knob. There is no weird "arm" to deal with. No need to perfect your technique. But according to the instructions you should only use skim or 2% milk, not whole milk. That's a strange recommendation for a pretty important piece of this machine. What if you prefer whole milk? I bet a lot of people never read their instruction manual and run into problems with this frothing doohickey.

I love the auto shut-off feature. But I rarely use the timer: yes, your coffee is ready for you in the morning, but your ground beans will be left to lose flavor overnight (kind of defeats the purpose of grinding your beans in the first place).

Also, if I am going to spend this kind of money on a coffee machine, I want one with a thermal carafe rather than glass. When coffee sits on a hot plate it gets that burnt taste. Yuck!

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