DeLonghi Digital Coffee Maker

Kitchen Programmable White DC59TW 12 Cup

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DeLonghi Digital Coffee Maker I am one of those people that always leave the coffee pot on when I leave the house. And even if I remember to turn it off, I wonder and worry that I haven't until I can go back home to check. This pot does the thinking for you. I love the automatic shut-off feature.

But having a coffee maker with a programmable timer means that you have to program it. There is no on/off button on this thing. You have to set the automatic program feature to get coffee. It's not a big deal. It's just not intuitive so you have to read the instructions. But I like to grind my beans right before I use them so they are super fresh. So I don't use the programmable feature that much. Of course, if you can't function until you get that morning cup of joe, this feature is likely worth any of the drawbacks.

My biggest issue with this machine has more to do with the carafe. A thermal jug is just better than a glass carafe and hotplate, at least for me since I tend to drink my coffee over the course of a couple hours. The thermal carafe keeps your coffee fresh and warm. Coffee that sits too long on a hot plate just tastes stale and burnt.

This model has some other nice features-- the permanent filter, a sleek design, a special "aroma" feature that makes your brewing coffee smell even better (really!). But I can't get over the carafe issue. It's a deal breaker for me for sure.

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