DeLonghi Drip Coffee Maker

Front Access Digital w/ Filter DCF212T

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DeLonghi Drip Coffee Maker This coffee maker has a lot of special features?but most of them aren't features that I find that useful.

Let's start with the special features that are useful. I like the front access. This is the big differentiator with this model. And if you keep your coffee maker on a counter underneath a cupboard, this is very nice?you don't have to keep moving the machine out just to pour water into the top.

I love the permanent filter. You never have to buy a filter again. Just wash and reuse. (Paper filters suck the flavor out of your coffee, anyway.) Although I was surprised that this coffee maker uses a basket-shaped filter rather than a cone shaped one. I thought that most manufacturers had gone the way of cone-shaped filters. (It was my understanding that the cone shape saturates more of the coffee for a better brew?or something like that.)

Some people can't live without that programmable digital timer. And I see the appeal of waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. But if you grind your beans at night before you go to bed then they really aren't freshly ground?they've been sitting out all night.

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