DeLonghi Esclusivo Coffee Maker

Large Stainless Programmable 14 Cup DC514T

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DeLonghi Esclusivo Coffee Maker This is a mammoth-sized coffeemaker. It has lots of bells and whistles: a timer so you can make up-to-the-minute fresh coffee, auto shut off (a must for me), plus a permanent filter (another must). It would be great for a large family or in an office environment.

I wish it had a thermal carafe to keep the coffee fresh. I never drink coffee that's more than 30-45 minutes old. So if I'm using a hot-plate coffee maker I tend to brew coffee, as I need it to keep it fresh. With a coffeemaker that makes this much coffee, you really need a thermal carafe. If you want to buy this machine and you tend to drink your pot of coffee over the course of several hours, you should also invest in a thermal carafe to pour your coffee into.

The reusable brew basket is a very important feature to me. It saves money, I don't have to worry about running out of filters, and it cuts back on trash. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

It has a 'pause' feature that allows you to pour coffee from the pot before the brewing is finished. That can be useful, especially since it takes a while to make a 14-cup pot. But I don't use this feature. I've always understood that you get stronger coffee at the beginning of the brewing cycle, and weaker coffee at the end. So if you pour a cup from the pot before the brew cycle is finished, the coffee might not be evenly flavored. Try it and you'll see what I'm saying is true.

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