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DeLonghi Extra Long Toaster This is a fully automatic toaster from DeLonghi. That means you just set the bread into the slots and the toaster activates, lowers the bread and toasts it to the preset darkness, and raises it back up with a beep to alert you that its ready.

Believe it or not, the fully automatic toaster is a very old concept. I had one, I think it was a Sunbeam, many years ago. I found it at a garage sale and marveled at the sophistication for something from the 50's. In the years since, we steered toward cheap and simple over cool and clever with our toasters and lost a bit of that fun in the kitchen. Thank DeLonghi for bringing it back in this super streamlined model.

If you crave a toaster with a dozen buttons and and complicated controls, then this is not the one for you. The makers here went for a sleek, minimalist look. There is a darkness setting on one end, and two discreet buttons on the top. One is the Cancel button, which glows when the toaster is working. The other activates the warming feature, which is unique. This toaster comes with a stainless wire attachment that sits over the top and holds toast, bagels or whatever you wish to keep warm. When activated, it turns on the toaster for the preset time to radiate heat up to the breads sitting there. Handy if your toast is always ready before your eggs, like mine.

Along with these clever features, the toaster has a removable crumb tray, and cord storage through the back. Not bad, DeLonghi.

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