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Burr Grinder | Magnifica Super Automatic ESAM3300

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DeLonghi Italian Espresso CoffeeThe ESAM3300 is known as a Super-Automatic for good reason. This style of machine is designed for absolute push-button convenience when preparing Italian coffee drinks.

Manufactured in Italy, this model features a burr grinder and will hold up to 7 oz. of coffee beans ready for automatic grinding right before the brewing commences. There is a 60 oz. removable water reservoir and a water level indicator for easily seeing when it's time to refill. For those that like to really dial in the details when preparing a cup, the controls allow you to set the quantity of coffee grounds and the water amount for each cup brewed. Also, the coffee spigot can be raised or lowered to accommodate different sized cups, a novel feature. The heart of any machine is the boiler -- in this case, two stainless steel boilers with an instant heat function that keeps the machine at an "ideal" temperature regardless of how much time has passed between brewing.

In my experience, the more automatic the machine, the more complicated to keep it clean and working properly. DeLonghi has built in some clever features to assist in this task. The stainless steel boiler actually snaps out for cleaning while the unit has its own automatic rinse and decalcification settings. The burr grinder is designed to expel all the grounds so no stale coffee remains to affect the flavor. There is a heated cup tray, and the unit features an automatic shut-off after 3 hours. This model from DeLonghi has been very well received by consumers since its arrival on these shores.

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