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DeLonghi Kitchen Espresso Maker The DeLonghi EC155 appears to be a good balance between quality and cost. In this model you get two very special features:

First, there are separate thermometer controls for steam and water pressures. Achieve the perfect temperature no matter which beverage you choose. Additionally, there is an adjustable steam emission for cappuccino.

Second, there is no lengthy priming process with the DeLonghi. It self-primes. Other features include an adjustable swivel jet frother, a removable one liter water tank which accomodates remote filling and makes for easier cleaning, and a two in one filter which allows you to use ESE pods or ground espresso. This unique dual action filter mixes in air during the brewing process to produce perfect crema, the essence of authentic espresso (you know it by its caramel color).

This fifteen bar pump-driven espresso machine (a step above the steam driven variety as more pressure means better extraction, better flavor) with durable stainless-steel broiler was designed and engineered in Italy. It has a compact profile and comes with a one year limited warranty.

Customers enjoy the option to use the ESE pods due to speed of heating and the ease of cleaning. A visible water level window also drew praise. Their number one compliment is that delicious foam, but the DeLonghi is also worth owning for the comparable price and quality of coffee and its easy preparation. The two big drawbacks seem to be time and temperature. A fifteen minute preheat before brewing is required and shots can be inconsistent in quality and temperature. Structurally, the frother is too close to counter level and some pitchers won't fit underneath, plus only smaller cups fit under the espresso mouth.

This model is probably not for the average coffee drinker and not for beginners without some research on proper use. For a more convenient approach, see the Mr. Coffee Espresso & Coffee Combo Machine.

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