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DeLonghi Retro Espresso Machine This is an adorable countertop espresso maker from DeLonghi, although why they refer to it as "Retro" I cannot figure out. Espresso makers from the past looked to me like little steam engines torn from tiny farm tractors. In any case, this model is a compact, fairly uncomplicated coffee making machine for your home kitchen.

It's a pump-driven unit, as opposed to the lower priced steam-driven espresso makers you find crowding the shelves at the discount retailer. A stainless steel boiler and dual thermostats add up to maximum pressure and precise temperature control for espresso drinks said to rival coffeeshop quality. This machine self-primes automatically, and when ready indicates its status with a little "OK" light. There are so many coffee choices and picky coffee drinkers, so DeLonghi has provided two filter handles- one that accommodates the ESE coffee pods, and another for your own ground beans. There is a plastic tamper onboard, and the plastic drip tray is removable for cleaning.

A couple of features indicate that the company is listening to user feedback from previous espresso maker models. The 35 oz. water reservoir is removable for filling at the tap, and this machine was designed with ample room under the filter to fit not only a pair of standard espresso cups but also a large cappuccino mug.

Users "upgrading" from drip coffee to an espresso maker such as this will have to make some adjustments, as espresso making is a bit more involved than just throwing in some grounds and water, and flipping a switch. The results are well worth it if you care to take the time.

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