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Espresso Cappuccino Machine 4 Cup EC5

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DeLonghi Steam Driven Coffee Maker For those seeking espresso style drinks on a budget, DeLonghi has the machine for you. Although not up to the professional quality of their more commercial machines, this promises to deliver a decent cup at a modest price.

This model is a basic steam-driven coffeemaker. It differs from the more expensive pump-driven machines due to its inability to produce sufficient pressure to produce a true cup of espresso from the ground beans. That being said, many people would not notice the difference and just want a fast and potent cup of Italian-style coffee. That's why these machines are so popular in America. This features a frother for milk, and the filter will accommodate two espresso cups as an alternative to the included glass carafe. The unit sits compactly on the counter and has a removable drip tray and easy operation. If you enjoy frothed milk you will be a bit disappointed by the abilities here, as it will take a second round of steam pressure after the coffee is made to properly froth the milk.

Of all the comparably priced espresso makers available, this is not the best, and you will want to shop around and read all the user reviews before making a purchase. In my personal opinion, you would do better to invest in a little stovetop Italian coffeepot and a separate milk frother for half the price. Sorry DeLonghi.

Compare this with the Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Machine.

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