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Dualit Immersion Blender The Dualit comes in several styles; this model is in chrome. Its five hundred watt immersion blender offers variable speeds from nine thousand to sixteen thousand rpms and pulses at seventeen thousand rpms.

The stainless steel blades blend, chop, whisk, grind, and puree, then the stick detaches with a simple twist for ease in cleaning. A recipe book is included with the manual. The blender is small enough to store in a cabinet drawer.

Users agree that the blender is a useful tool in their array of appliances, and that it is easy to clean, but have been shocked at its overheating. Even the manual recommends blending for only thirty seconds at a time with a cool down period between uses. This is not convenient for completion of some tasks.

The speed is set via a control wheel atop the stick with two buttons below for power and turbo. If you are required to let go of the bowl or pan to alter the adjustment of the speed wheel, this could prove a hazardous design for changing settings. The maximum level for immersion looks very shallow on this particular stick and splashing seems to be an issue the company addresses by recommending mixing in a larger bowl. Again, this is hardly convenient and for uses such as making frothed coffee drinks, would require extra containers.

This blender comes with no attachments and no base. All accessories are a separate purchase. Not a bad product, but the Dualit just has too many small difficulties to overcome to highly recommend it.

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