EasyLunchboxes Plastic Food Storage Containers, BPA Free

Compartments & Lids, Set of 4 w/ Separate Cooler

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EasyLunchboxes Plastic Food StorageSchool's back in session for the fall, and these EasyLunchboxes storage containers have been a really popular search item lately. Why? What sets these apart from every other food storage set on the market? As driven by curiosity as I am, I had to find out the answer.

One really unique thing about this set of 4 containers is that all the pieces are BPA-free. Essentially, this means that the chemical bisephenol A, a controversial substance that can seep into stored foods, is not a part of the finished product. The pieces have been FDA tested and approved to contain no BPA as well as unwanted PVC or phthalates (chemicals that mimic hormones). Both container and lid are safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave. So far, so good, right?

Here's where I'm skeptical about how well this set works for the masses, though: the lids aren't air-tight. It's great to "go green," but what about food safety? According to the manufacturers, this set was built with loose-fitting lids on purpose. They wanted to create an eco-friendly food storage set that kids or those with special health needs could open easily. Dunno 'bout you, but I've yet to meet a young child that required the use of an easy-open lid and also possessed the ability to never, ever spill their food. But there's more...

Another important consideration is that these containers work best when carried inside the specially-made EasyLunchboxes Insulated Cooler. The cooler is also BPA free and comes in several custom colors. It's a cross between a standard American lunch bag and a Japanese bento box, since up to 3 storage containers can stack vertically. The cooler can also be used for drinks and ice -- and since it's made of super-strong 300 denier polyester, it'll hold up to the task.

Now that I've satisfied my curiosity and learned more about these lunch containers, granted, I am still a bit leery of those easy-open lids. However, I can see the containers being put to great use in hospitals, retirement communities, and classrooms. The special lid serves a special purpose and fits an unmet need in the world of short-term food storage. And in situations where spills need to be avoided, the boxes can fit snugly inside their companion cooler (sold separately, link below).

For a stackable lunch kit with tighter-fitting lids and amazing insulation capability, take a look at this Zojirushi bento box set instead.

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