Electrolux Refrigerator & Freezer, White

Side by Side w/ Air & Water Filter EI26SS55GW

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Electrolux Side by Side Refrigerator &The Electrolux 26-cubic-foot side-by-side refrigerator & freezer combines efficiency with convenience in a stylish and accessible design. With a pitcher-sized water and ice dispenser built into the freezer door and internal details that include humidity controls for crisper drawers, this state-of-the-art appliance fills more than the essential needs.

Temperature ranges on both freezer and refrigerator sections are independently controlled. Warning sensors detect power disruptions and incorrect temperatures, sounding off if the interior warms above safe limits for more than five minutes.

Storage drawers are mounted on casters for easy opening, and glass shelves are easily removed for cleaning. Storage space is ample with over 18 square feet of shelf space in the refrigerator side and 7.5 square feet in the freezer compartment. Both air and water filtration systems are included in this sanitary and efficient design.

Operating cost is low and expected to run at about $62 per year at utility rates average for the U.S. The Electrolux is built to high standards, with self-sealing doors that prevent costly air leaks. Should a door be left ajar, the alarm system promptly alerts the owner to the problem. The standard warranty runs for three years after purchase.

Here's a stainless steel fridge for comparison by Whirlpool.

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