Emerilware 5 in 1 Smoker

Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Grill w/ Wood Chips

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Emerilware 5 in 1 Smoker The Emerilware Cast Iron Smoker is a five in one product, allowing cooks to smoke, broil, grill, roast or deep fry inside the preseasoned cast iron chamber. Just invert the lid, also made of heavy cast iron, to convert from smoker to grill. The matte enamel finish assures food with have only its true flavor. An included rack and drip pan are made of stainless steel, which cleans up well without a lot of work. The smoker can be used in conjunction with the stove, oven, barbecue grill or even a backyard campfire. The set comes with sixteen laminated recipe cards, four wood chip flavors (hickory, mesquite, cherry, and alder) and a lifetime warranty. The smoker should be hand washed.

Wood smoke imparts its fragrance into meats and other foods as the cast iron traps heat for slow cooked, flavorful dishes. The metal then holds in the heat to keep your food warm for serving. The smoker is sized to hold several individual cuts or a larger piece of meat. Prepare your ingredients multiple ways in the same cooker, since you can brown and slow cook together. Emeril's name is one of the most recognized of all the modern chefs and he brings all of his years of training and experience to the cookware bearing his name.

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