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Escali Digital Food Scale NutritionalAdapting to a new dietary plan can be really hard at first. Not only are you watching what you put in your body, but you're likely keeping track of all that as well -- counting calories, allocating points, tracking fat content, etc. That's where a system like the Escali Cesto Nutritional Tracker comes in really handy. It's also the food scale used by Tim Ferriss, entrepreneur and author of "The 4-Hour Body." That's pretty substantial, given that Ferriss has a pronounced opinion against overusing and depending on personal technology products, i.e. cell phones and PDAs.

The Escali Cesto is basically a vast food database that can be carried around with you to the grocery store, coffee shop, office party, or at home. It stores up to 999 different foods and displays the calorie, sodium, fat, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol, and fiber content for each. There's also a list of food codes that comes with the scale, so you'll want to keep those nearby. To use it, enter in the specific food code on the scale's touch-screen glass, then weigh the food. The nutritional tracking information is then displayed on the screen. Measurements are displayed in both grams and pounds as well as pounds + ounces, fluid ounces and milliliters.

Functionally, there is always room for error when using a scale, but with the Cesto, foods are measured up to a very slim 1% margin of error, if at all. Some users report that the measurements can be off by 5-6%, and in this case, it's most likely a defective scale -- which Escali will replace.

There are quite a few other reasons the scale may become defective over time:  keeping the scale temperature below 65 degrees F, storing on an uneven surface or next to electronic equipment producing magnetic fields, static electricity, or simply a low battery. This is true for all digital scales.

All in all, the Escali Cesto has all the essential functions of a dietary scale with several bells and whistles for added value. If you're wanting a more traditional kitchen scale that stays on your countertop instead of travelling in your purse, take a look at the OXO Good Grips Food Scale.

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