Exaco Trading Feelgood Jumbo Composter

Kitchen Food Waste Recycling Bin

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Exaco Trading Feelgood Jumbo Composter The Exaco Trading Feelgood Jumbo Composter can recycle 170 gallons of kitchen and garden waste. Once broken down, that compost can be added where needed to improve your soil and create a better growing medium in the garden. The bin comes with complete instructions on how to compost with the unit. Removable doors on all four sides offer the user unlimited access to finished compost. Homeowners can save money while they help the environment. The composter is green in color and will blend well into a corner of the yard. The coloring also absorbs the heat of the sun to help the process along. This model features better ventilation and is made from one hundred percent recycled plastic.

Though it is jumbo sized, it is easy to assemble. The composter comes without a base, which helps drain excess liquid, so there won't be any pools in which mosquitos may breed. There are no small parts to keep track of and compost can be removed from any side. Recycling is one small way to reduce trash volume and free landfill space.

Exaco believes that buying cheap is buying twice and they seek to sell customers only first class products. They do business with some of the largest independent retailers, major catalogs, and QVC.

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