Fagor Portable Induction Digital Cooktop Plate

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Fagor Portable Induction DigitalThe Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop functions through induction coils which operate by generating magnetic fields to heat cookware. The surface is flat and sealed and any spills can be easily wiped off. Changes in temperature are immediate. There is no open flame, smoke, or gas, and the surface remains cool to the touch.

The top is made from Eurokera glass with stainless steel trim. The unit is lightweight and compact. It comes with a digital timer and touch control panel, six power levels, and temperature ranges from 190-430 degrees. The features include a child safety lock and automatic pan detection, which will shut off the cooker after sixty seconds if no cookware is detected. The cooktop has a low and high voltage warning system, a diagnostic error message system, and requires a standard household 110v connection.

The unit is made for induction ready cookware (enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, cast iron, cast aluminum) but can work with some other pieces. It offers rapid precision heat, boils quickly and has an extremely low setting for delicate items. You save up to 50 percent of the cook time. Best of all, it saves a lot of energy. Because the surface of the cooktop remains cool, only the pan and your food heat. As a result, induction cooking will use 90 percent of the energy produced vs. 55 percent for gas and 65 percent for electric cooktops. Hot spots are even less of a problem because the pans are evenly heated.

People really enjoy the many potential uses, the portability, and the temperature adjustments possible. The energy savings are quite convincing and the safety features exceptional. The device can act as another home cooking center or be used outdoors, at parties, or even in a dorm if allowed.

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