Farberware Insulated Bakeware Set

Kitchen Cookie Pizza Value Pack

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Farberware Insulated Bakeware Set You can get these two pans for a great value with this set. Let's start with the baking sheet. I love it. I prefer insulated baking sheets since I have a tendency to over-brown my cookies -- or, to be more honest, to scorch them into unrecognizable charcoal lumps. This sheet is heavyweight carbon steel. It's sturdy and bakes evenly. The nonstick coating works well, and it is easy to use and clean. I can't find a thing wrong with it.

The pizza sheet, on the other hand, is pretty useless to me. I guess I'm a pizza snob, and I only want to use my trusty pizza stone. I think these so called "pizza crisper" pans are unnecessary. You need that nice hot stone to get the crispiest crust. And a pan is no substitute to a good slab of rock or marble.

But other people swear by these newfangled pizza crisper pans. And people who eat frozen pizza (like my sister whose kids will only eat frozen pizza) love them.

I would love to buy a value pack with two of these wonderful baking sheets at this same price and just forgo the pizza crisper pan.

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