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Farberware Non Stick Bakeware Set Good ol' Farberware. It feels like they've been around forever. One of those brands that I recall from my childhood or something. (And I just Googled them to see how long they've been around, and it is over 100 years, so I'm not imagining this.) I swear my grandmother had Farberware in the kitchen.

These cookie sheets are a great deal. Sturdy and durable, I know they'll last a while. (I've burned through too many supposedly nonstick pans and I'm looking for some that I can use for a while.) These have a lifetime warranty, too. (Well, a limited lifetime warranty; you'll void it by using metal utensils, etc.)

Anyway, back to the cookie pans. They are what they say they are. Nothing more, nothing less. It's comforting, really. They are nonstick for easy clean-up. (Even burnt stuff comes right off.) You can make cookies without greasing the pans. And I love the big handles. You can grab the pan without sticking your giant oven mitts right into your delicate freshly baked cookies.

The two sizes are nice, too. Having two cookie sheets is key so you can have one in the oven while one is cooling.

It was so nice to replace my old crusty pans with some fresh ones. I think I'll celebrate with a batch of cookies!

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