Food Network’s Newest Reality Series: Private Chefs Of Beverly Hills

Posted by on Mar 11

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Private Beverly Hills ChefsFood Network announced yesterday that they will be debuting a new reality series during the first full week of April.  It's been dubbed as a "docu-soap" by some. While that genre may sound confusing, just hearing the name of the show alone might steer you in the right direction of where the series is headed.

The new show is titled "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills" and chronicles the lives of six chefs who work at a private placement catering agency in -- you guessed it -- Beverly Hills. One can only imagine the kinds of eccentric, outrageous requests these chefs would receive amidst the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and that's exactly what the "docu-soap" camera crew has captured. According to one of Food Network's Senior VPs Bob Tuschman, the show "goes inside the world of private chefs who cater to the ultra high-end (and even higher maintenance) Beverly Hills clientele."

You'll see these six featured chefs go through a rigmarole of odd tasks such as cooking for both humans and canines at an elite doggy spa, injecting custom flavors into cuisine served at a Botox party, and taking part in a medieval murder mystery dinner party held at an actual Scottish castle in L.A.  Tuschman adds that each chef brings "humor, skill and creativity to each encounter, making for a very funny, compelling, and entertaining series.”

Sounds like "Private Chefs" wants to incorporate a little bit of everything drama-related that we love (and despise) about reality shows... a pinch of "Ace of Cakes," some "Two Dudes Catering," maybe a small dash of "The Hills." But that's just a guess. There's only one way to find out.

The series premiere of "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills" airs Friday, April 9 at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.


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