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FoodSaver Advanced Design Vacuum Sealer The FoodSaver sealer is a vacuum packaging system. The advanced design offers food-specific sealing settings which operate through one touch. It vacuums at two speeds and features a crush free instant seal, plus it will seal and shut off automatically.

The lid is stainless steel. The flip up design saves space. A full sized vacuum channel catches liquids when they overflow and the unit comes with an extra wide nonstick sealing strip. The FoodSaver also includes an antibacterial drip tray which is dishwasher safe. The control panel is easy to operate and clean, plus the unit offers storage for accessories.

FoodSaver bags are designed to prevent freezer burn and can be boiled, frozen, or microwaved. Built into the machine are a roll holder and cutter which enable you to size your own bags. The bag material, accessory hose and instructions (in both guide and DVD form) are included.

You can prepare extra portions and freeze them for later, enjoying the same fresh taste as the night you first cooked. You can buy in bulk and portion out meals or servings to use as you need. Seal snacks for trips or lunches. Seal almost anything, even non food items. Lock in the flavor of your ground coffee or enjoy foods which keep their color over the long term and don't suffer freezer burn damage. Cook right in the bag in which you stored your food.

People have had problems with gaskets on this unit, which is larger than other models with which you may be familiar. There are also complaints about the amount of wasted bag material when sealing, which isn't very green over the long term. Still, the FoodSaver is simple, easy to use and quiet, and would be a money saver in any household.

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