FoodSaver Vacuum Food Storage Sealer w/ SmartSeal Technology V3835

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FoodSaver Vacuum Food Storage Sealer w/The FoodSaver line uses bags with five protective layers, which include both oxygen and moisture barriers, to preserve food. The unit stores bags and cuts them to the required length. The canister mode and integrated hose allow you to take advantage of the extensive line of canisters, marinators, and accessories to store any kind of food. Food won't be lost to freezer burn and food waste can be significantly reduced.

The appliance operates by sensing the bag. It is made to seal automatically, offering two seal levels and two vacuum speeds, including a crush-free option for delicate food. The demonstrations make the product appear so simple that it seems foolproof, but this model upsets even avid fans of the FoodSaver line. There are several frustrating aspects to the design and function of the unit.

First, the bags don't always cooperate when fed into the machine, especially when they're loaded with food. Next, the sensor will only trigger if the proper length of bag, the full inch and a half or so, passes through. You cannot attempt to reduce the wasted bag material without risking a poor vacuum or poor seal. If you choose a bag that is too large for the food item or put too much into a bag, it also may not properly vacuum and seal.

I suspect overloaded bags and many problems with sealing stem from people trying to save material. The replacement rolls of bag material are expensive, so you feel the waste. The bags also aren't as readily stored with this overhanging plastic. It becomes a tradeoff between money saved on food and spent on material. Most people prefer to return to older models, which did the job without the added waste.

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