FOX Announces U.S. Debut Of Gordon Ramsay’s “Cookalong Live”

Posted by on Aug 7

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gordonRamseyCookAlongLiveThis week, the FOX broadcasting network announced the premiere of a new one-hour program called "Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live," set to debut in the winter of 2009.

The show is already a British TV regular, yet started out the same way with a single one-hour live pilot in January of 2008.  Ramsay spent the entire time showing viewers how to cook a three-course meal for four people in under an hour.  After the show received high praise, networks ordered an entire series for later that year.

FOX is already home to Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares," and is confident that the celebrity chef can keep his infamous rants out of a live show. But some critics aren't buying it. One journalist addressed him as "Mr. Potty Mouth" and asked if he truly could restrain his behavior during a live broadcast.

His answer?  "Of course, I'm not going to swear in an unpressurized environment... I don't act like that when it's Sunday lunch at home. I get a little impatient sometimes... but in the domestic scene, I have excitement with that journey as well."

He explained to the journalist that the pressurized-environment conditions he is required to work in on "Kitchen Nightmares" should evoke a bit more empathy -- and then added, "Or unless I've got journalists asking me **** hard questions!"

Amidst his questionable interviews on the subject, Gordon Ramsay's passion for cooking still emerges. Viewers will be able to experience this in America's first "Cookalong Live" with Gordon on December 15.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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