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French Fry Stainless Steel KitchenLet's be honest: You need to eat an outrageously large amount of French fries to justify the purchase of a French Fry Cutter. I mean, that's all it does-- cut fries. So I just don't use it that often.

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Okay, I guess it also cuts apples, too. But my trusty (and inexpensive) apple slicer/corer accomplishes that job handily already.

But back to the potatoes. Potatoes are much more difficult to slice than apples. This cutter requires a lot of arm strength. More than I have -- and I lift weights at the gym a couple times a week! It's not impossible, but if I am going to buy a kitchen tool that basically accomplishes one task then I want it to at least make one task effortless.

I never would have bought this French Fry Cutter for myself. This was a gift, so I don't feel to upset that I wasted my money on it. But on the every-so-often-occasion I make my own fries, I would rather just use my chef's knife. Or a mandoline like this one. Plus, you can use your mandoline for a million other uses besides cutting potatoes.

Don't get me wrong. This French Fry Cutter has some pluses. It's easy to clean, it's sturdy. I suppose it would be helpful if you make French fries a lot -- like every day -- and don't own a mandoline or know how to use your chef's knife. And if you have killer biceps. But for everyone else, skip it.

For a better food slicer option, try the Presto Saladshooter.

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