Frigidaire Sealed Gas Burner Cooktop

Stainless Steel Stove Top 30 Inch

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Frigidaire Sealed Gas Burner Cooktop Oh, to have a gas stove. And oh, to have an electric oven. Are such ideal cooking conditions possible? Can I take the cooktop off a gas stove and put it on an electric oven? Can I mix and match my kitchen appliances just as I might mix and match my wardrobe? Thankfully, I can. And so can you.

The first step, and in my opinion the more important one, is procuring the gas stovetop. Frigidaire manufactures a stainless steel, sealed burner cooktop with four cooking elements.

The Frigidaire Gas Cooktop offers side-mounted, linear flow gas valves with removable knobs, cast iron grates, and burner caps elements.

The four cooking elements include one 12,000 BTU sealed power burner, and one 5,000 BTU Sealed Burner with 500 BTU low simmer.

The Cooktop is 30 inches and has an electronic pilotless ignition (a bonus for me, as I'm a bit of a pyrophobe, but even as a pyrophobe, I still prefer a gas stovetop over an electric one. I guess my fine palate outweighs my fear of fire).

Purchasing a cooktop separate from an oven gives you more flexibility in your kitchen layout as well. The double wall ovens are a perfect companion to a cooktop. You don't have to bend down so much, or even at all, to put things in the top oven.

(This would be a definite bonus to anyone whose had hip replacement surgery, which thankfully I have not; I'm hoping for at least another forty years of healthy, functioning hips. Of course, in forty years we may be able to mix and match parts of the human body as easily as we mix and match kitchen appliances today, in which case I'd like Halle Berry's legs and Angelina Jolie's lips).

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