Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerator & Freezer

Water Dispenser & Filter, White FRS3HR5WH

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Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerator &Frigidaire's 22.6-cubic foot Side by Side Refrigerator & Freezer includes an in-the-door water and ice dispenser and adjustable interior door bins. A space-saving array of shelves and drawers provides organized food storage for any family kitchen.

Simple pushbutton controls operate the ice and water dispenser, with on-demand localized lighting for those late night visits. In the refrigerator compartment, glass shelves with raised edges offer spill-resistant storage. A clear view dairy compartment is completely removable for easier access and cleaning. Fronts of crisper drawers are clear as well, so you can sort through food without losing pockets of cold air.

Front mounted dial controls give owners access to a full range of operating temperatures, individually set for freezer and refrigerator compartments. The company recommends running the unit on standard settings for twenty-four hours until internal temperatures stabilize before custom-tuning the thermostats. Adjust up or down in small increments, giving the machine time to adapt to new control settings, before deciding on the ones appropriate for your own uses.

The filter for the icemaker and water dispenser is located in the back of the unit, meaning that when this needs changing the refrigerator has to be pulled out of its nook. Changing the filter itself is fairly straightforward.

Starting off with a standard one-year warranty, Frigidaire offers extended warranties and service plans well beyond the first warranty period.

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