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Kitchen Trio Knife Set

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Furi Rachael Ray Share Our StrengthIn this set from Furi Cutlery of Australia, you get three unique knives in Chef Rachael Ray's bold design choices--specially designed blades, handles, and even her favorite orange color. Everything has a reason, so if you buy these knives you'd better be sure you like her way of doing things.

The color, for example, isn't just chosen to be bold and eye catching. The composite handles surrounded the rat tail tangs of these forged blades are thoroughly impregnated with an ant-microbial orange resin. That is expected to extend handle life as well as reduce contamination issues.

The rubberized gripping surface of these ergonomically shaped handles, together with the deep finger notch, give you a solid and comfortable hold even in wet conditions. The final touch for the handle design is the stainless steel end cap, weighted to be a perfect balance for the heft of the blade.

The paring knife in the set is a good multi-purpose style capable of small slicing choice and point work like removing eyes from potatoes. The utility knife, with a slender six inch blade, is perfectly suited for boning and does have more place in the kitchen than the average sandwich cutter. The East/West Satoku Cook's knife combines the best features of both styles, with a five inch hollow ground blade and a curved cutting edge for slicing, mincing, and chopping. Altogether there's a lot of potential packed into one orange box.

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