Furi Rachael Ray Young Cooks Safety Paring Knife Set w/ Glove

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Furi Rachael Ray Young Cooks SafetyI've been cooking for a very long time now and I still have close calls with knives. Putting one of my razor edged santoku into the hands of a kid with great ambitions would be a nerve wracking event for me--there are all sorts of things that could go wrong. Might be a better idea to wait until they're thirty-two years old.

Kids don't have that much patience, though, and cooking is a skill you need to learn young, before anyone else's preconceptions of who should do it or whether it's fun gets in the way of those first unbiased thoughts. Chef Rachel Ray provides the cautious parent with a way to introduce children to the kitchen safely, with this set of two specially designed prep knives and a safe cutting glove.

The four inch blades of the paring and serrated utility knives have rounded tips which should not interfere with practical function and do enhance the protection of the mesh cutting glove. The rubberized knife handles are shaped for young hands, with generous finger notches that encourage a proper and safe grip. Blade guards are provided to protect the knife edges when not in use.

The quality of the blades is high, equal to the other professional quality chef's knives produced by Furi Cutlery of Australia. The bright orange (Chef Ray's favorite color) should appeal to young people and encourage participation.

The glove is large and will probably be awkward for people with small hands and easily frustrated young ambitions. If you want your kids to use one, use one yourself and set a good example.

And the Furi line even has a matching, functional set for the parents, too.

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