G.E. Profile Refrigerator w/ 2 Bottom Freezer Drawer

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G.E. Profile Refrigerator w/ 2 BottomWith the look of a classic French armoire, the G.E. Profile offers full-access refrigeration and two drawer freezer compartments that eliminate sorting through stacks of frozen food for the item you really want. Stainless steel doors with beveled edges and stylish easily gripped handles give this refrigerator the look of fine furniture.

Filtered drinking water is available from a door-mounted dispenser, but you'll have to open the door to access the automatic icemaker. Controls are mounted above the dispenser with an easy-to-read LCD panel and a full range of temperature settings. Electronic temperature sensors and an advanced airflow system, which includes an airflow tower, help eliminate hot and cold spots and maintain a stable storage environment.

Compartment lighting is bright but still low power, using LEDs rather than bulbs. The LEDs use very little electricity and have a very long life. Four tempered glass shelves give a total storage shelf area of over thirty square feet. Drawer space in the refrigerator section includes two crisper drawers with humidity controls and one full-width drawer with adjustable temperature settings. Refrigerator doors have ample room for dairy, condiments, and even gallon drink containers.

The big difference is the two-drawer freezer, giving the same energy efficient cold storage but easier access. Put the items you use the most in the top drawer, and use the bottom section for long term storage.

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