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Gallon Cookie Jar Here's what I love about glass. It's see-through. I'm all about recycling plastic containers -- they work especially well for leftovers. But unless you have some sort of special power, you cannot see through plastic. This means they're not so good for storing things like lentils, popcorn kernels, cotton balls, candy, anything that you want to find easily or anything you may want to set out to decorate your home.

But these jars can do more than decorate your countertop. They'd be handy at the office if you interact with a lot of people (e.g. a doctor's office, a classroom, a coffee shop, an insurance office). They can store medical supplies, stickers, biscotti, or candy. If you're throwing a huge party and need to decorate a lot of tables, you could put a jar on each table and fill it with nuts, or mints, or other goodies for folks to eat.

They're also an ideal place for bulk fermentation, especially for breads that do not require folding (e.g. wheat bread, rye). And, if they're good for fermentation, they'd be great for making kombucha.

Who ever thought a simple, 1/2 gallon glass jar could serve so many purposes? While you can certainly see right through the glass, there's far more to these jars than what meets the eye.

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