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George Foreman Family Size Plus GrillGeorge Foreman is The Godfather of Grilling. He's a household name. Even in vegetarian households like my own.

The George Foreman Family Size Plus Grill offers 9 square inches of nonstick cooking surface, which means you can fit four or five burgers (whether beef, turkey, salmon, portabello, or Boca) onto it at once.

The unit is fondly called the Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine (a mouthful of an affectionate name). Fat collects in the deep groves of the bottom grill which is sloped, causing the fat to run off into a plastic tray. There are two included with the grill, and they along with the two plastic spatulas included are dish-washer safe.

The grill is easy to clean- just a quick swipe with the plastic spatula followed by a wipe with a paper towel or sponge.

In addition to all the benefits offered by the appliance (including countertop convenience and appetizing grill marks on those tuna steaks), the George Forman Family Size Plus Grill comes with a 227-page "lean mean fat-reducing grilling-machine" cookbook, with recipes reaching far beyond your typical burger or wiener dogs.

Vegetarians would enjoy the grill, too. Grilled eggplant? Onions? Zucchini? Haloumi? Put them together with a little tahini and you've got grilled veggie goodness.

The only real downside to the Family Size Plus Grill is that it's an indoor grill. A convenience to some. But indoor appliances take up counter or storage space. And a grill that lives on the countertop and plugs into the wall just doesn't have that family gathering, fun in the sun, summer BBQ feel to it.

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