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GRV120B Black, Portable w/ Extended Handle

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George Foreman GRV120B Black PortableI don't really get the cult following this product has. Maybe it's the non-stop television advertising that lulls the masses into buying millions of these appliances. But it can't be that simple. A lot of people really and truly adore them. (I swear I received like three of these from fanatical relatives a couple holidays ago.) I regifted them for years.

My old one was messy-- I always ended up with grease pools on my countertop. This new one was an improvement. The grease "troughs" are larger so no more messy countertops. It's larger than my old one. Rally large. It takes up a lot of counter and shelf space. More grill than I need really, but it would be an ideal size for a family of four or five. (It may be too much for just a couple.)

The hinge is floating, meaning that it an open up really wide, so you could put big thick steaks or anything else in this. Seriously, you could probably wedge an entire chicken in here. Not that I'm recommending you do that -- I'm just saying.

The biggest problem with this one is that it is such a pain to clean. The grilling plates aren't removable, so you have to work hard to get all the grease out after each use. I would use it more if it weren't such a chore to clean. The good news is that the newer models (the "Next Grilleration") with removable plates that are worth the extra investment. I have a neighbor with one of these models and it's a huge improvement over this one.

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