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George Foreman Next Grilleration Grill In our house, we've always had smaller version Foreman grills, which perform exceptionally well, no complaints. However, only one of us tended to use the machine and he couldn't always fit what he wanted to cook inside. We usually overcame this by cooking several batches, but that is one of those annoying little inconveniences that cause you to wonder why there can't be just a little more room available. The Next Grilleration provides that extra space, enabling you to cook enough for the meal, plus leftovers. The wider grill makes turning and manipulating food far easier, and there is finally room to throw a couple of little extras on, like a pile of peppers and onions along with the main components of the meal.

You still get all of the features: the sloped grill, drip trays, triple non-stick coating, and with this model the grill plates can be removed for cleaning in the dishwasher, a great improvement over the former grills. Because it is fast and easy, the grill can become the default method of cooking in your house. Why mess the stove and pans when you can toss a few items on the grill and then load the dishwasher? The floating hinge makes it easier to clean any food that finds its way into that area. The Next Grilleration also comes with a griddle plate, giving you more meal options. It seems like the company really pays attention to the needs of their customers and adapts the products to better serve them.

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