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4 Burger w/ Removable Plates

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George Foreman Next GrillerationThis George Foreman Grill has all the features its fans loved in the traditional model. The grill design keeps your food away from the fat. It grills your food on both sides at the same time. The hinge is floating, meaning that it can open up really wide, so you could wedge a giant burger into it. It cooks food fast. It's easy to use.

So what's different? What makes it worthy of the silly moniker "The Next Grilleration"? Well, it looks different for one. The white color is chic and sleek -- a bit more contemporary.

The biggest difference in the new one is that the grilling plates are removable. This is a huge improvement over the old design, which required so much work to clean away the grease after each use. This new model is a bit more than the old one, but this one feature alone is worth the extra money. You will use it a lot more. Kudos to the maker for listening to customers and responding with this big improvement.

Know that the size is rather small for a family of four -- "4-Burger Grill" is definitely an overstatement. Those would be some pretty tiny burgers.

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