Giada De Laurentiis Designs New Kitchen Products for Target Stores

Posted by on Mar 18

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Giada for TargetOver the past couple of months, popular celebrity chef vixen Giada De Laurentiis has ventured into the mass retail market with her "Giada De Laurentiis for Target" collection. Exclusively at Target stores, fans of Giada's can now peruse her personally-designed selection of cookware tools and food products.

Giada says she was inspired to design this collection from her formal culinary training: her foundational tutelage at the famed Le Cordon Bleu cooking institution, her career as a food stylist in L.A., and her many experiences at The Food Network hosting television shows while writing several bestselling cookbooks.

The product line is extensive and albeit quite exhausting, but it does have one common thread: Giada's love for Italian cuisine. If you peruse the list, it's easier to see the connection. Imagine... a meatball sandwich on the panini grill, oven-baked lasagna in a ceramic bakeware set, chopping up fresh vegetables with a stainless steel mezzaluna knife, stirring up some of Giada's new pasta sauce with a silicone spatula, and ending the day in the kitchen with a strong, steaming cup of her flavored coffee.

This is just the first step for Giada de Laurentiis' new partnership with Target. Starting this year, she'll be a new spokesperson for SuperTarget's grocery department to help shoppers select fresh produce and save energy in the kitchen with some time-savers she's learned over the years.

Don't have a SuperTarget in your area?  You can get more of your Giada fix later this month when her latest cookbook, "Giada At Home: Family Recipes from Italy and California," is released on March 30.

Source: Target Pressroom

2 Responses

  1. Liz Says:

    The coffee is FANTASTIC! Super smooth and great flavor. Haven’t had coffee that good in YEARS!

  2. Sally Says:

    Can you tell me who it is that actually makes the coffee makers that Giada is selling at Target? I saw Krups and a review that said Cuisinart. I am now confused. Thank you.