Global Cromova 18 Utility Paring Knife

Kitchen Cutlery | Stainless Steel 4 1/2 Inch

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Global Cromova 18 Utility Paring Knife Global Cutlery first introduced its fine Japanese style chef's knives to western markets in the 80's; their light and efficient knives, like the 4.5" Utility blade here, still surprise American and European chefs with thin hard forged blades ground to a fine taper and balanced by slim stainless steel handles. With dimples to enhance the grip and a slender shape that's held wedge-style in the crook of the fingers, the handle of this knife may be a little small for large hands accustomed to heavier tools. The efficiency of the flat taper ground blade usually balances out any initial awkwardness. It's easy to get used to fine tools.

The special steel in this knife contains a high percentage of chromium for stain resistance, and two exotic metals, vanadium and molybdenum, which enhance the knife's edge retention. Harder than famous alloys from Western cutlers, Cromova 18 blades need a little special care. They shouldn't be used for heavy chopping work, and may be damaged if sharpened with a honing steel. Global recommends diamond hones or other special sharpening systems.

Marketed as a general purpose kitchen knife, this Global knife is a fine choice for paring knife work as well as for slicing larger vegetables for sandwiches or salads, trimming meat, or boning fish and poultry. The all stainless steel forged construction means there are no gaps to fill with food particles; a quick cleanup by hand keeps the utility knife sanitary and protects the edge from dishwasher damage.

Compare this with the smaller Cromova paring knife.

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