Global Cutlery Cromova 18 Santoku

Japanese Kitchen Knife | Stainless Steel 5 1/4 Inch

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Global Cutlery Cromova 18 Santoku I like forged steel knives--I always find it hard to admit that stamped steel blades can actually outperform the older patterns for some applications, and the Santoku pattern is one of those. Dependent on light weight, thin steel, and streamlined designs, the Santoku is a perfect example of a good stamped steel application. So it's nice when I see a high end forged steel Santoku that meets all those special standards. The Global 5 1/4" Santoku restores my faith in hammer and steel.

The Cromova 18 stainless steel in this knife is harder than most western forged knives, with a thinner blade and more acutely beveled edge as well. The edge is tempered hard enough to chip if used on hard surfaces, bone or frozen food, so this is a specialized knife, not a general purpose workhorse. It finds plenty of application in the average kitchen, anyway, effortlessly slicing through vegetables and meats without distortion of the food. Efficiency of cut also decreases fatigue in the wrist, with those benefits helped along by the uplifted ergonomic handle and the large finger notch at the blade base. Multiple hollows ground in the blade decrease friction, and the hollow handle is filled with just enough sand to balance the weight of the knife blade--in a stressful job where ounces do count, those are important features.

Some adjustments will have to made if this is the first Global knife you've purchased. You will need a different sharpening method, because using a sharpening steel on this knife may damage the edge. Flat water stones or special grinding systems are available. Many new owners also suggest stocking more vegetables than usual, because the ordinary work becomes fun once again, and you may run out.

You can also find this santoku as part of a 3-piece knife set.

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