Global Decor Drink Liquor Dispenser Rotating 4 Bottle 170

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Global Decor Drink Dispenser Rotating 4The Global Decor Rotating Dispenser holds four one liter bottles in various shapes and sizes. A bartender's rotating drink dispenser, the device allows you to perform fast, easy mixing of your favorite cocktails and party drinks without the need for measuring cups or shot glasses.

The base is large, heavy and chrome plated, meaning it sits solidly on the bar or counter and can support the bottles without tipping. Spring loaded aluminum rods hold the bottles firmly to the base. Parts of the unit are made of plastic, but the visual impression is of a chrome or metallic product. Some assembly is required.

The device will dispense one and a half ounce shots via a press of the dispenser head. More than just a helping hand at the bar, the dispenser is a conversation piece. Guests will want to give it a try. Why not? Let it be part of the fun. Most people who see the dispenser in action go on to purchase one of their own.

A short piece of advice: be sure to double check your bottles as you change them out as it can be easy to forget and throw out a needed part of the dispenser assembly. A quick double check will spare you the hassle of tracking down parts later.

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