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Global Meat Cleaver Knife The days when every kitchen had a well used cleaver are well in the past along with the days where people routinely butchered their own meat and poultry. These days, the closest to a cleaver most people have come is the latest slasher movie at the multiplex. However if you're a butcher, a pro cook, or someone who routinely works with large primal cuts of meat and/or whole poultry, a cleaver is an essential tool to have at your disposal. It's definitely not a knife known for its precision, but precision isn't what a cleaver is all about. The cleaver is a heavy, tough knife intended for use in the initial breaking down of meats and poultry into smaller portions suitable for cooking or further processing. If I'm reaching for a cleaver, I want one which offers solid construction, made from a good steel, which features a robust but sharp edge, a comfortable handle, and a bit of heft and weight for efficient cutting. There is a fine line though, between a cleaver with adequate heft to efficiently get the job done and one which creates an arm which feels like rubber after a long work session.

Western cleavers tend to rely on the weight and mass of the cleaver to power through materials, with secondary consideration for the edge beyond making it tough. Fortunately, Global has built a cleaver which depends more than just brute force to get the job done. What sets this one apart ultimately comes down to the well executed design. The design of the Global cleaver relies on the use of a harder steel than is typically seen in knives from Western makers. This is very typical of Japanese blade design in general. Japanese makers employ a harder steel which can be used to create a significantly lighter, thinner blade. As a general rule, as blades become harder and thinner, the steel becomes more brittle and prone to chipping. This is a concern particularly when they meet hard substances like bones or the thick dry stem of a large fall squash, in the case of one cook I know who ruined his gyutou in an ill advised attempt to play samurai during a lighthearted moment in the kitchen. Obviously, a cleaver must have a very robust blade to hold up to the demands of butchering meats and poultry and cutting through bones, so a thin blade isn't indicated, but by utilizing a harder blade which isn't so hard that makes it overly prone to chipping and damage, they've been able to create a cleaver which can be made thinner and lighter. For more efficient cutting, they also employ gently curved blade profile finished with a convex edge grind. A convex edge by its very nature is quite robust, yet can be made very sharp for easier cutting. Global has created a cleaver which achieves a harmony amongst all of these different factors to make a lighter, tough, efficient blade which requires less effort to achieve the same result. If you're a professional, this is an especially desirable attribute when you consider how many times over a career you might employ a cleaver. It could mean the difference between the premature end of a career due to repetitive stress injury or happy retirement. When you add in the fact that the cleaver has no seams to speak of due to the solid steel construction, making it quite sanitary, and the comfortable, gently rounded handle, it's hard to think of anything negative to say about it at all.

This cleaver is the most comfortable and efficient one I've had the pleasure to use, so wouldn't hesitate to pick one up if I had the need for a cleaver. Unfortunately, if budget is a concern, the one thing which might make you want to pick something else is the price tag. Even if you catch it on sale, you'll likely spend more than one hundred dollars (USD). For a professional butcher or cook who uses a cleaver on a regular basis, it's not difficult to justify purchasing this one, but for the occasional user or the budget conscious, this may not be the ideal choice. If I were on a budget, I'd certainly take a look at the offerings from Forschner, as their dedicated butcher knives are found in nearly every butcher shop and kitchen I've seen. As a second choice, particularly if the maintenance of carbon steel isn't a significant consideration, many Chinatowns and Asian grocers carry Chinese cleavers which would do a fine job at a fraction of the cost of the Global.

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