Global MinoSharp Plus Knife Sharpening System 440 S/B

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Global MinoSharp Plus Knife SharpeningBecause Global's fine chef's knives are too hard to safely sharpen with a honing steel, that company recommends flat waterstones for touching up the blades when they need attention. Many home chefs find it difficult to hold the right blade angle when restoring the acute bevel these knives require. Although sending them back to the factory is an option, most of us would not want to lose these knives from our kitchens that long. To provide a workable solution, Global designed the MinoSharp hand held sharpening system.

The Global 440 S/B MinoSharp Plus is a sample of the efficiency and simplicity of this well made--and warranted for life--sharpening system. The two double wheeled grinding stations offer both coarse grit for quick adjustments and fine grit for a finishing polish. Use of the system is simple. Fill the wheel compartment with water and run the knife blade through the slots a few times, first through the white stones and then through the pink stones. Don't put much pressure on the blade and keep it straight; as you pull the knife through, the wheels should turn. Although this won't reach the entire length of the blade (leaving a short section near the handle untouched) it is a very serviceable and easy alternative to the trickier waterstone process.

Wheels will eventually wear out, but are replaceable (at your cost) and the MinoSharp will work for any fine edge (non serrated) double bevel knife--even Western style blades. Be aware that any knife you sharpen with this system will have the narrow bevel of the Japanese style when you're done. Many Western steels will fold when ground that thin.

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