Global Santoku Knife Set

Japanese Kitchen Stainless 3 Piece Hollow Ground

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Global Santoku Knife Set Amongst the first companies offering Japanese knives to the US mass market, Global earned a spot in the hearts of cooks everywhere, including chef turned author, Tony Bourdain.

I've always thought that Global makes a fine looking knife with a futuristic aesthetic that is equally functional. Global knives offer a fine entry into the world of Japanese steel for the cook accustomed to softer and heavier Western style knives.

This set offers a 3.5" paring knife, a 5.25" utility knife, and a 7" "hollow ground" santuko which should be referred to more accurately as a santuko with kullens or "hollows" ground into the sides of the blade. Kullens are meant to reduce the occurrence of food sticking to the blade after being cut. In my experience, kullens simply make a knife look a lot cooler, with little noticeable difference in performance between standard blades and blades with kullens.

As a good all around set, I'd prefer to see a proper gyuto or chef's knife in lieu of the santuko, but if you prefer a shorter knife or a santuko, this is an excellent set which will provide the foundation of a good kit for a home or pro cook.

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