Hamilton Beach DuraBlend Wave Action Blender Food Processor Combo Set

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Hamilton Beach DuraBlend Wave ActionThis Wave Action 12 Speed Blender/Food Processor from Hamilton Beach has been designed around special features that somewhat limit its all around effectiveness. It can still be a good choice if you like what it does best--milk shakes and smoothies.

The 700 Watt motor is plenty powerful enough to handle the jobs you need done, and the Durablend plastic reservoirs are nearly shatter proof. Twelve speeds give excellent control of processing stages and make the machine very easy to operate. Circulation of the food in the blender depends on the special "wave action" design--you don't get waves unless you are working with liquid. More solid foods tend to settle to the sides of the pitcher and aren't efficiently returned to the blades.

The small three cup food processor attachment will handle dry products such as nutmeats and semi dry products like potatoes, but there's a minimum amount of ingredients that work well. Too little volume is an issue, and the chopper won't agitate the mix well enough to thoroughly turn over the food. Chunks get left behind.

You'll need to pay close attention to assembly, making sure gaskets are properly seated before use, and since this is a "wave action" machine there's no peeking under the lid unless you want a mess on the counter. Turn it off before adding new ingredients.

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