Heavy-Duty Hand Crank Meat Grinder

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Heavy-Duty Hand Crank Meat Grinder The only things here that might break are the clamp and the plastic sausage fittings, otherwise it's a machine you may have in the family for generations. Using this hand cranked grinder should definitely be a family affair, because you'll need fresh hands for that crank from time to time. Sausage-making the old fashioned way is the kind of event you don't tell people about ahead of time or it will be unattended.

This cast iron, zinc-plated pioneer quality kitchen grinder clamps to nearly any kitchen table. Take care not to over-tighten the clamp or you may bend the screw. Hand tightness should be ok, so long as you seat the grinder firmly against the table edge before locking it down. Keep your fingers out of the hopper and use a wooden tool to press chunks of food against the feed screw--it may not move so fast that it will do permanent damage to your hands, but it surely hurts a lot.

The grinder plate and four blade cutting knife are heavy carbon steel requiring hand cleaning but not sharpening. For grinding meat and making sausage this is actually a very efficient appliance, although it's a little slow. It will definitely outlive electrically powered counterparts.

The vulnerable parts are the plastic sausage making fittings, which can split if too much force is applied. The good news--they're easily replaced. This old style grinder is good for vegetables as well as meat, but for practical reasons it makes better sense for those high torque jobs like turning venison or beef into burgers.

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