Henckels International Eversharp Pro Block Set

Kitchen Stainless Serrated 7 Piece

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Henckels International Eversharp ProIf you absolutely hate sharpening knives you've probably looked at many "never sharpen" ideas. You may remember the knife that cuts through a tin can and then effortlessly slices a tomato, paper thin. Hopefully you won't try that if you buy this set.

I honestly do think this seven piece set from Henckels is a little better than the usual permanently sharp blades. The serrations are much smaller than usual, meaning there's more cutting edge in the grooved parts that don't easily dull. As the tips of the points wear, the quality of the cut will degrade and you'll need more force behind the knife, but the blades will still do a pretty good job. If you need polish and showmanship, don't buy this set. The results will always be rougher than the best fine edge knifework.

The blades themselves are a little too thin to be rugged--the stamped steel that Henckels uses here isn't strong enough to stand up to rough uses like twisting and prying, so keep some heavier knives around for the tough jobs. The construction design of the handles is clean and simple, with synthetic handle slabs triple riveted to full tangs, but it's not an advanced ergonomic style.

The set has a good selection of useful kitchen prep knives with the only real redundancy being the 5" tomato knife and 5" boning knife; the hardwood block is good quality. In most ways, though, this is a light duty selection and doesn't come up to Henckel's usual high standards.

Add on the Eversharp steak knife set to round out your collection.

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