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Henckels Twin Cuisine Serrated UtilityPart of the newest premium cutlery line from J. A. Henckels of Solingen, Germany, the Twin Cuisine 5" Serrated Utility Knife's striking appearance is partly due to the patented new handle design. One piece forged construction has a new look with a strong full length horizontal handle tang, permanently bonded to polymer handle slabs without the usual rivets. The result is a smooth ergonomic style with a futuristic and very distinctive look.

The serrated utility blade is a very practical shape for the usual slicing and light prep tasks a knife of this size finds. The upswept tip contacts the cutting board most often, not the serrated edge. The short plain edge at the tip of the blade can be sharpened at home, but the serrations can't, so the blade shape keeps the main cutting edge in good condition longer. Results are not so smooth as with a fine edge blade, but for those who dislike sharpening knives this is a good choice.

Many call this knife a tomato knife, since the job it does most often is slicing ingredients for sandwiches and dividing sandwiches or hard rolls. With proper care the serrated edge will stay sharp well past the limits of a plain edge made of the same alloy steel. Points of the teeth wear first, so protect it by not using the teeth against hard surfaces, bone, or frozen food. Wash and dry the knife by hand, since the vibration and harsh environment of a dishwashing machine is rough on both edge and finish. When it does need refurbishing, the service is available at the factory.

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