Henckels Twin Pro Paring Knife

Solingen Stainless Steel Full Tang 2.75 Inch

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Henckels Twin Pro Paring Knife One of the two knives many cooks use most, the Henckels TWIN Pro Paring Knife makes a perfect companion for either a chef's knife or a santoku. Often reserved for only the light duty chores, this forged pattern from Henckels Solingen stainless steel is strong enough to do tougher jobs. Trim fat and gristle from meats, bone poultry, and separate joints with this stout blade.

The 2 3/4" full tang knife has a full sized triple riveted slab handle for a solid grip and extra leverage, and is comfortable when used for finer tasks like removing blemishes from fruit and vegetables. The stain free alloy used in this knife has been specially chosen for edge holding ability and easy sharpening; it requires only simple maintenance. A few strokes of a sharpening steel keeps the blade in fine shape.

Modern stainless steel will blemish if run through the harsh environment of a dishwasher, so hand washing and drying after use is recommended. The best way to store this paring knife is in a wooden storage block--extra care that paring knives seldom see. You might throw a two dollar bargain bin knife in the kitchen drawer, but the Henckels Pro deserves better treatment.

If you get a lot of use from your paring knife, you may want more than one. Check out this paring set by Wusthof Emerilware.

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