Henckels TWIN Pro S Carving Knife

Solingen Stainless Steel Full Tang 10 Inch

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Henckels TWIN Pro S Carving Knife The ten inch stainless steel blade of this Henckels TWIN Pro-S Carving Knife is enough to smoothly slice the largest roasts and hams, as well as poultry and fish. One piece forged steel construction gives the knife extra strength, with a heavy blade resistant to twisting and bending, reinforced with a forged bolster and full tang handle.

The taper grind of Henckels Solingen steel knives gives the strong edge you expect from western style blades and adds to slicing efficiency--the result is anything but crude. The Friordur ice hardening process makes the blade even tougher than with ordinary tempering. Properly maintained at razor sharpness (easy enough to do with regular touch-ups with a honing steel) this knife will shave thin, accurate slices without distortion or tearing.

The design is also good looking, with a high blade polish and a traditionally styled triple riveted slab handle. Accuracy of the grind and the edge is judged by laser and computerized processes guarantee consistent quality. Etched with the company logo, the knife qualifies for dinner service as well as kitchen prep.

Hand washing and drying is the recommended cleaning method, and this long blade's edge is best protected when stored away in a wooden knife block. Be sure to wipe it down carefully, because moisture may blemish the finish.

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