Henckels Twin Pro Sigma Knife Block Set

Kitchen Stainless 10 Piece Cutlery

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Henckels Twin Pro Sigma Knife Block Set This ten piece assortment of knives selected for the aspiring chef is high quality and does cover a wide range of every day needs, but has a few faults as well. Ten pieces means seven knives, a sharpening steel, kitchen shears, and a hardwood block with space for six steak knives (not included). The knives chosen for the set are weighted towards the light duty end of the Sigma line.

You get two paring knives and two utility knives in this set (one serrated utility blade and one fine) plus a 7" Santoku and an 8" Chef's knife. All the knives are good products with the forged blades and high quality stainless steel that made Henckels famous, but there's some redundancy here. If you're starting out you'll do fine with one good paring knife, and utility knives are usually the beginner's choice that bridges the gap between paring and heavier slicing and chopping (the Chef's knife range of work). Once a set is filled out, utility knives find less and less use. A better choice would include a bread knife and a carving knife, neither of which is featured here.

The Santoku, with a narrower bolster that won't get in the way of slicing work, has been ground with the multiple hollows of the granton style, meant to lessen the friction between food slices and blade. In this Santoku, those hollows extend nearly to the working edge. Most knives of this type have at least a quarter inch of steel between edge and hollows. That may not seem like much, but it will take a long time to wear that down to the granton. In this one there's not much wiggle room, and that will shorten the knife's lifetime.

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